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National (Senators) and Local Election is fast approaching in our country. It’s campaign period and different kinds of jingles are played over the radio and roaming around waking the sleepy heads who’s houses are located along the road.

Knocking on houses doors to shake hands and introduce themselves as what they’re aspiring. Rallies are everywhere, convincing the masses for their sacred votes. Promises everywhere, here and there, in full smile even if sweating.

How I liked them during election period. But I wonder why there are still people who believed in their lies. There are those who are already imprisoned due to corruption but still they are being endorsed.

I just hope that we all choose wise on the Election Day. Good Luck to all of us!

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  1. When will the election be held in your place? In my country, the election, which was at the same time are the presidential election, the election of legislative candidates both at the national and regional levels, and the regional leadership council had just been held on April 17 and was still in the process of counting. Various frauds and cheats have occurred during the campaign period, at the time of vote until the current vote counting process. Pathetic!

  2. kind of ahahaha, the chosen amongst. You see not all politicians want to serve the public, most of them are greed of power and authority, the public serves them instead, making their position a gold mine. So sad but that’s the truth.

    • it’s hard to trust politicians, only a few are really fulfilling their promises and only a few are really into public service, some are contrast the public must serve them. Let’s all pray for a peaceful election.

  3. not everybody are telling the truth during elections, they use their flowery mouth to convince the voters. After they won they did nothing, they just made their pockets full, sad to say they became more addicted to authority and power that they wanted all their family members to be in the next line. That’s how I observe politics here. Sometimes, you will only hear a few family name but they’re holding different positions like ______ Pedro-Mayor, ______ Pedro-Municipal Councilor, _____ Pedro-Congressman so on and so forth.

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