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I am on a few social sites and have checked out others as well. So far I have found Virily to be the best. I really like the fact that all posts have to be approved first before going live. This way there is no spam, no porn, no violence and no hate.

So far all I see is a pleasant loving community who helps one another. My on line presents or persona if you will is that if my dog Boomer. He loves to chase kitties so I adopted that from Him as way of playing and joking and getting people to smile and laugh. So if you see me barking or saying a kitty was delicious or anything to that affect it’s all done in good humor and I don’t mean it in a mean way.

Virily has created something very special here and I have very high hopes for it. Just wished that they could have an actual Mobil app as doing it this way is slow for me but hey at least the notifications and everything else actually works and I am able to be social here and oh yeah CHASE KITTIES!



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