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If you want to practice your writing or photographic skills, and you are not yet signed up with VIRILY.COM, I am pleased to provide  this link, to get you started. And, did I mention the  really cool part? You will get paid for every bit of interaction with the Virily writer’s community. So, don’t waste another moment, you have nothing to lose. The sooner you start the quicker you can start earning and gaining exposure as a writer, hobbyist or photographer.

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    • That is brilliant! Go onto You Tube and type in best crafts videos. and choose a theme that catches your eye instantly. and see how you can improve on their idea, then BAM!! your’e the best on YT. I’m sharing a really great tip later today about a free tool to boost your video efforts. Thanks for watching and commenting. Just give me a shout I can help in any way EM20161

      • I have a new you tube channel I set up at the wee hrs this morn while I had the
        peace & quite time to think it through more than I did my 1st one but for SOME
        reason I I can’t seem to get a profile photon there all I have is a brown circle with
        a S in it how can I get that done I done look everywhere I can think of & can’t
        seem to get it.

        • Hello EM20161, Remember, that your profile picture or avatar s also linked to your Google+ account. Just mouse over your existing image on Your channel (brown circle) there is a little pencil that comes up, click on it and a screen from Google will popup, you must change this too.

  1. I just started on this site so I’m wondering about on here just trying to learn
    how all this works so I can really sink myself into it like I have in another site I’m on
    that I really do enjoy being on, I wish there was more videos about this site as in
    how it works, what it’s all about & everything there is that other people would
    like to know about it. so far I haven’t found or seen any till this one, thanks.

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