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I have seen more than just a few Virily members posting about how some of their posts are not being viewed. Well, I am having that problem too. I have been noticing a certain member’s posts. She post a lot, but she gets only a few comments. It seems like the more you post the fewer comments that come in. Has anyone else noticed this? I was trying to get my number up in the rankings, but if my views are going to suffer I will go back to posting less.

I do thank everyone for commenting on my posts. Just not sure why some posts are not getting viewed. I have not been seeing some of my post on the latest option.


What do you think?

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Written by LaJenna

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  1. I think another thing to consider which I have noticed in other writing platforms is that the more posts a member posts in a day the less others read or comment. At least people like to resd a single post for every member.

  2. I keep every ones name highlighted when they upvote one of my articles, then I view their articles on a later date to keep up because I don’t have time to look at my Virily feed. I thank you for dropping in because I wouldn’t have been able to respond to this, and also upvote

  3. There was a problem I wrote about as many of you know, but seems that not all the people checked out that post, or are just not checking the Following list (/enough) (but that is not worth if they don’t follow you…)… Thankfully it seems the problem is now fixed, at least it looked that way today, but keep checking until we get sure about it…! Today all the new posts were in the Latest too, but keep checking!!!!!

  4. I am just now able to slow down and get back to making a post, working 2 jobs and making a garden is not so easy. Plus I also chat at Mylot.

    Its not easy cashing our here and that is another reason people pass on by, but I do understand the income on these sites but some do not.

    I try to post a couple times a week.

  5. Could there be more than one reason some posts are not viewed? As much as I would like to be online more often it’s just not possible so I know I miss some posts that would be neat to see. Is there a Virily forum where this could be discussed or could you ask for advice from those who run the site?

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