Virily Growth and Change

I fell in love with Virily quickly when I joined two months ago. I loved the idea of creating quizzes, and the creativity of the users on the site, especially the art and photography. There are not a LOT of members at Virily, as it is a new website. But I have seen Virily grow and expand much in the short time I’ve been here. You can check the “Users” page and see that Virily now has nearly 2000 members. There were only about 1600 when I first arrived.

I love the quiz feature and the new poll features. These things, and others, make Virily a unique and exciting blogging platform. There is only one thing I would change about Virily. I would go back to the old platform they used to have, with multiple posts on a page. As it is now, I have to scroll down FOREVER to see new posts. If I look at a post, or make a comment on a post, I have to then start all over nearly from the top. If there are 50 or more new posts when I log on in the morning, this could take just about forever to get through all of the new posts. So I don’t view or comment unless the post is super interesting. I think that other’s are having this problem as well, I can’t be the only one. Viewing polls and quizzes is a little easier, as I can go directly to those pages, and there isn’t as much scrolling to do.

This is the only change I would make with Virily. Otherwise, Virily is my new favorite site, which I visit and post at every day.


What do you think?


Written by riverwild

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