Ventilation and Heating: Tips for Maintaining A Pleasant Climate in Your Business

If you are planning to install radiators in your business premises, then you should do it in a way that radiators do not become the primary attraction of your shop. Radiators may spoil the look and feel of your shop and should be placed in a subtle so that it does not appear to be ugly. The Central Heating Radiators and following radiators are recommended to help you to this effect.

  • Flat radiators: You can place a panel in front of the radiator with the color matching or complimenting the colors of your walls. This way the radiators will hardly get noticed and they will look like a part of the wall or the interior of the placed. You can try the models of Niva or the Flatline.

  • Minimalist radiators: These impart a luxurious appearance to your business premises. Radiators to the likes of Beams or the Bryce will compliment your plush business place and make it resplendent to look at. Both these models are also available in a Mono-version that is extremely narrow. So, if you want less space, these models will serve the purpose in the most lavish fashion.
  • Electric radiators: These are E-panel which works completely electric and are ideal for renovations.

  • Floor heating: This is the most subtle way of heating your premises. It works in a combination with one or two radiators and gives a comfy ambiance on your business premises.

Heating and ventilation efficiency tips for your business premises

Ventilation is necessary for creating a healthy environment in your business premises. When there is no ventilation in a place, there is not a proper air flow in the building. A well-ventilated place makes it easier to breathe, prevents suffocation, and even saves on energy bills.

Coupled with good insulation, ventilation enables you to meet the new energy standards and also goes smooth on your budget. If you are planning to install a ventilation system in your business premises, then go with the decentralized ventilation.

You can follow the heating and ventilation tips mentioned below and make the system more efficacious:

  • It is important to note that for every degree of temperature you reduce, you can save up to 2% of heating costs. Therefore, lower the temperature of your thermostats when your business premises is unoccupied or when you know that the customers are less at some particular hour of the day. If its winter time, then you must set the thermostat in your workspace to 20 degrees Celsius during work hours.
  • You can place a locking cover over the thermostat and get rid of tampering problems easily.
  • Make sure that your exterior and freight doors are not opened. This will prevent the heat leaks from inside the building to outside and your premises will remain warm and comfortable efficiently.
  • Switch to a programmable thermostat so that you can control the temperature. You can regulate the temperature during and after work hours and cut down on energy consumption.
  • Keep the window blinds opened and remove the solar screens, blinds or awnings on south- and west-facing windows. This is done to augment the heat gain by attracting and absorbing more and more heat during the winter. Replace the solar screens in the summer.
  • Insulate the first meter of exposed pipes coming from the water heater at a minimum level.
  • Make sure that doors and windows are closed because it is a major cause of heat loss in premises.
  • Install your electric water heater in a warm place. If by any chance you have installed in an unheated place, then you must consider adding an insulation blanket to your electric water heater.
  • Cracks in the walls are also a cause of heat loss. You can reduce this source of heat loss by sealing all the cracks within walls and weather stripping all doors and windows.


As hundreds of customers will be visiting your business premises, the environment is bound to become crowded and hot. Therefore, it becomes imperative to install a ventilation system that instantly makes the confined space comfortable and the workplace more productive. Many of the health problems can also be avoided with a good ventilation system in the place.

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