USA Wants War to Forcefully Steal Venezuela’s Oil

Friday, 3.1.19

Democracy Now discusses the Venezuela issue. The Coup has failed, and USA now wants to start a war with Venezuela. I posted a video earlier, where Pence askes all the Countries Reps at the UN to support the USA decision. Some countries joined with USA, but others refused.

Most Venezuelans don’t even know Juan Guiado, and they have no interest in any of his politics, mostly because they know it is backed and promoted by USA’s Zionist New World Order agenda.

Jorge Arreaza, Venezuelan Foreign Minister, also states that Trump is full of lies and fake news.

There is a blockade placed on Venezuela, in which banks aren’t allowed to help Venezuela fix their issue. As I said before, the USA Zionists are trying to weaken the country so that they can invade, takeover, and destroy Venezuela, before the steal natural resources.


What do you think?


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  1. Everything is true. If they do not want to voluntarily surrender, they will force them. A civil war will come, and then US soldiers will come to Venezuela to bring ,,peace and democracy,, Of course, by the way, there is also oil. They are lucky Americans. Wherever they go for democracy, they run into oil.

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