Upsy Baby commercial (1985)

In another post, I talked about my love for dolls. Mainly due to the fact that my mother had a love for this toy. The doll featured here Upsy Baby is one of the dolls my mother had, and now that she is deceased I now own the doll myself.

This doll came out in the eighties and I may have one of the few still left in existence. Why, because this doll wasn’t made well, over the years I have had to fix things such as her arms and I also had to put the head back on more than once.

I once read a review of this doll online and someone referred to it as trash in a box, unfortunately, this description is true, if someone didn’t take the time to think of ways to fix this doll it would be trash, but I took the time to figure out how first because my mother loved her and now because the doll is a reminder to me of my mother so I couldn’t part with her. ¬†Here is the retro commercial of Upsy Baby doll in her heyday.


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