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Unsolved Mystery of Dan Cooper

In November 24, 1971, man calling himself Dan Cooper bought a one-way ticket for Northwest Orient Airlines flight 305.

Onboard the plane, he lit a cigarette, and ordered a bourbon and soda while waiting for the plane to take off. 

When the plane was in the air, he gave a note to a stewardess. The handwritten note indicated he had a bomb in his attaché case, and he wanted her to sit with him.

When she sat beside him, she asked him to show him the bomb to be sure. The man opened the case. Inside were wires and red-coloured sticks. He instructed her to write a note to hand it to the captain of the plane.

The order was that he should be given $200,000 in twenty-dollar bills in a knapsack and four parachutes. He also ordered a fuel truck to be ready to refuel the plane. 

The plane was heading to Seattle, Washington from Portland International Airport, Oregon. 

At Seattle, he allowed 36 passengers and 2 of 3 stewardess to leave. 

He ordered the plane to fly South to Reno, Nevada, at 200mph, at 10,000ft with the flaps at 15 degrees.

At around 8.00pm, Cooper jumped off the plane into darkness. 

The search for Cooper is one of the largest an longest ever carried out in US. The FBI stopped hunting for him in 2016. 

Immediately after the 

Other than the physical description of the man, a tie he left in the plane and some rotten twenty dollar bills that were recovered, there is nothing more to this man to either catch or arrest, or even know who he is. The note he had given to the stewardess he had cautiously reclaimed it.

Termed as nice; not cruel or nasty, the mysterious eludes a sense of awareness.  


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