I’d been looking forward to this party all week. My crush was going to be there and I knew I would finally get to use my moves on him. He’d given me his number to talk, but after a couple of days, he’d stopped responding. I was determined to get a response back in person. I was so hype over this dress I brought earlier in the week, so as soon as I slipped it on my soft caramel skin, I knew he wouldn’t deny me.

I arrived an hour late, just so all eyes could be on me. Yeah, I was super extra like that. When I finished getting everyone’s attention, I scanned the room for him. Left, right, back, then to the kitchen. No luck. There was no way dude would be late to his own party, right? I decided to go up the stairs and have a quick look. I walked into the last door on the left and to no surprise, he was laying right on the bed. Perfect!

“You’re missing your own party, Tristan.” Had to fix my hair before he sat up.

“Naw, just hiding out.” He looked at me then took a moment. He was slow to speak, then came a long sigh.

“What’s up, Que? What is it that you need?”

“I’m here to have a good time, and to see you of course.” I slowly walked towards him and tried to grab his hand. I was a little stunned when he backed up and put them behind his back.

“Well, so is everyone downstairs.” Geez, did I say something wrong? He was giving me the cold shoulder and I wasn’t too happy about it. Before I could say another word, he brushed past me and went back to his company. Guess I was going to have to cheer him up and make him REALLY see me. I fixed my boobs, got my mind right and headed towards my prey. .

Watching him laugh and give that beautiful smile to everyone in the room except me, I was super salty. I quickly fished for my phone to make sure I didn’t text him anything crazy. Then that’s when I heard it, the laugh that females do when they are trying to be funny. I glanced up and chick was staring right at me. Touching on Tristan and rolling her eyes. I put my head down and counted to ten. Not tonight girl, I came here to see him and I’ll be waking up in his bed in the AM. My favorite tune stared to play and I knew this was my moment. The more the beat knocked, my hype level shot up. Here goes nothing.

His back was to me so I tapped him on the shoulder and hoped he would groove with me. He put his hand up to chick, signaling her to give him a minute. I smiled, proud of myself and waved her off.

“I’m a little busy right now, in case you didn’t notice.” He sipped his drink and wouldn’t even make eye contact with. I was beginning to get angry now.

“Did I do something to piss you off? Why the hell are you being so freakin’ ugly with me tonight.” I stepped back and studied his body language.

He smiled then chuckled. “Have you noticed I never text you back recently? When you call me three and four times, how I never answer.”

“I mean, I thought…look I got dressed up for you and everything. You don’t want me?”

“I’m not interested in you. Now as I said before, I’m occupied. So please, don’t hit me up and anymore and act like we never even met.” He threw me the piece sign, then I heard her laugh even louder. I was fuming and shaking at this point. How could he? A few folks were staring at me so I stormed off. I got to the car and realized I wouldn’t take no for an answer. The trunk of my car had the key to my happiness. Can you believe I was crying, so much to the point that I could hardly see what I was looking at. I had been rejected by a bunch of guys in the past. But this one…it burned to the core. After five minutes, I found my crowbar and stormed back inside. My heart was racing so fast, but I was determined to get what I came here for.

I jolted up from my bed and examined my surroundings. UUUGGGHHHH!


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Written by quitawesley91

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