Two types of personality

If I have to classify our many different kinds of personalities, I would say, there are only two types of personality.

First is “the faker/plastic personality”; second is “the transparent/real personality”.

There are many reasons why we choose to show these personalities to anyone, mostly because of fear. We fear to be rejected, so we show what the other wants you to be, like a fake smile and a dishonest, “I’m Okay.” Deep inside, something is suppressed. An anger/frustration that needs to be expressed. Because of that suppression, we feel imbalanced emotionally. And that affects our mental and physical status.

On the other hand, the realist, unfiltered behavior, are labeled “crazy”. “Well, it’s better to be called crazy than hiding anger that’s killing you slowly day by day.” Faking it for the sake of respect, keeping your family together, keeping your job, avoid being in trouble with the authorities, and peace, is not bad at all, as long as you know how to release that rage right after.

3 easy ways to release anger:

1. Sing in a karaoke – shout out loud like an angry monster, but make sure to select the right song best fitted with your angry feelings.

2. Exercise – push up, lift weights, run fast in that treadmill. It really helps you calm down right after.

3. Swim – water cools you down. Swimming in a pool is definitely the best getaway.

Choose the right personality at the right person and at the right time. If your current situation keeps you in that faker/plastic personality for whatever reasons, you better do something about that. Find someone real you can talk to and trust with all that matters to you.

I’m not so religious but I do believe in the presence of the friendly universe. I do believe in a living love, that is just right where you are right now, waiting for you to get its attention. Talk to that presence. You will know when you are connected to that energy because you will remember the best things that happens your life as far as you can remember.

Start with a simple “Lord… (find and feel his presence) thank you…” Then you may continue sharing anything you want to share.

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Written by Roselyn Mina

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