Two Sides – Paula – 6

As Paula entered her house, carrying tonight’s drama,  her mother,  Dottie, was right there, “I’m so glad you’re home, something happened…”

Instantly, Paula shelved the evening and was fully there.

Her cousin, Sandra, had been hit by a car.   She was at the hospital.   Dottie had just been called by her cousin, Martin. 

 Immediately, they went to Dottie’s car and drove to the hospital.  When they arrived, Sandra had been taken up to surgery.  

Paula and her mother stayed at the hospital , giving support to Sandra’s parents and each other.

Finally the doctor arrived.   As they stood around him, he said he believed Sandra would be alright.    The surgery went well, but they wouldn’t know until later tomorrow.

Everyone hugged each other, and Dottie and Paula went home to sleep.


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Written by jaylar

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