Two dogs rescued by rescuers in Portland Oregon

A very interesting story of how a neighborhood watch program is effective in assisting the authorities ready to perform rescues of animals and/or human beings in the Lents neighborhood in Portland Oregon on Saturday.

A neighbor who lives across the street from a vacant home was alerted to a dangerous situation on Saturday when the noise of cackling brought him out of his home to investigate that something was not right.

The empty house was on fire which caused the across the street neighbor to take action and call the Portland Fire Department to put out the fire in the empty house.

The Portland firefighters rescued two dogs that were inside the burning home to safety.

As of the time of the fire, the firefighters are investigating the cause of the fire.

It remains a mystery who lives in the house that caught fire on Saturday and why did two dogs were kept inside the home that was damaged by the fire.

It is very important for each neighborhood to have at least a person who will keep a sharp lookout for any disasters that can happen when we least expect it to happen.


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  1. That brings to mind something our local no-kill shelter has done in the past couple of weeks. First, they picked up a dog from California and only when they got it to the shelter did they learn that it has lymphoma and will only live a matter of months. There is already a long list of people who want to adopt the unfortunate pooch.

    The other even occurred just in the last few days. At substantial expense, they brought in a few dogs from Korea that were slated for the dinner table. The dogs will now have a chance at a happy family life instead of becoming someone’s dinner.

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