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Does true friendship exist today?

Friendship has always been something sacred to me, but I must say that nowadays true friends are rare. It seems to me that everyone is so busy with themselves that we do not have time for each other. Life in general has become busy and very stressful, but that mustn’t be the reason for us to ignore true values of friendship. Loyalty, keeping secrets, being able to tell our friend everything – that is all in the past. People have become mean and evil. There are no secrets. There is always this fear that your secret will be revealed.

One of the things is this social medias that have taken over our lives. We post everything on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all other social medias. We expose our lives and ourselves to the entire world. Maybe, that is one of the reasons for all this mess with true friendship.

We have 500 Facebook friends, but how many friends do you have in real life? I have one true friend but she doesn’t live near me, she is in Sweden. And she is the only person who I trust. Even the distance as not changed our relationship. We do not talk every day, but we still communicate.

What do you think, does true friendship exist today?

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What do you think?


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  1. It exists, but I agree that social media and our busy lives make it harder. All my closest friends live at least five hours driving time from me, as do most family members. Some live across the country. Unfortunately, since the advent of social media and texting, people hardly ever use their phones to actually talk to each other very often.

    What’s hard is that when we get older, our friends start dying off, and these old friends are irreplaceable.

  2. I do believe that friendship exists, but I believe that at the core of all relationships is hurt. Only by overcoming such hurt and suffering can one become true friends. Even my partner of 35 years is not a friend as such, because I do not share my deepest thoughts and yearnings with her. Sad, but true.

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