Top 13 Powerful Angels

I am always on a quest for learning, whatever I don’t know too much about. I was only familiar with three angels, Gabriel, Michael, and the fallen angel, Lucifer. But a foreign film encouraged me to get to know Archangel Azrael. I did more research to learn about other angels. This video displays the top most powerful angels of God. And, apparently, the most powerful one appears to be the one in Hell, Lucifer.

Just look at this earth, and all the chaos and havoc, instigated by Lucifer and his followers, which are all the Satanists, Zionists, under a One World Order Government, for the New World Order totalitarian society. This one world government also include One Religion and One Monetary System.

Therefore, let’s take  5-minutes each day of meditation and prayer to ask God and His top 12 powerful Archangels for Dismantlement of Zionism, World Peace, Love for Humanity, and Protection for Earth and All its Animals–domestic and wildlife.


What do you think?

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  1. Good information here, I can’t help but see the irony though. Many think of 13 as the unlucky number but from a religious point of view, it’s anything but. There were thirteen with Christ and his 12 Apostles and now turns out there are 12 Archangels and of course the Lord himself. Perhaps this isn’t such an unlucky number after all.

    • I don’t think there is luck or no luck with number 13. the Illuminati use numbers, like 13, 33, 666, to promote their zionist satanic agenda, and make number appear unlucky because of their dark and twisted acts for their Baphomet they worship–better known as the famous fallen angel Lucifer.
      this unlucky number thing is all bs created by Masonic Illuminati for their Zionist NWO agenda.

    • i recently found out that Friday the 13th has to do with the Vatican, and the murder of freemasons who were against the vatican on that day. or something like that…i forgot exactly…it is all illuminati related. i think illuminati wanted to take over the vatican.

  2. In the Christian tradition, Lucifer represents the fallen angel, an example of beauty and wisdom to whom pride led to hell, transforming into Satan. However, other interpretations attribute this name to the same Jesus, as authentic bearer of the title “morning star”, mainly based on the texts Peter 1:19 and Revelation 22:16.
    A really interesting topic, greetings friend and thank you.

    • yeah, because i was never familiar with all the angels. the only ones i remember growing up is Gabriel, Michael, and and that famous fallen angel Lucifer. no one really mentions the rest, except maybe in those Angel Card Readings on youtube.

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