Took a Walk to a Quiet UTC

Saturday, 3.21.20

It is a beautiful spring day outside. After taking a shower, I decided to go for a walk to the UTC. It was so quiet outside that it felt like doomsday. The only thing I can hear was the lovely and sweet birds chirping and tweeting. There were rarely anyone walking outside. I saw few people, and half of them were wearing masks. The most businesses in the UTC closed. A couple of restaurants were open, and only for picking up orders. Amazon was open. Trader Joes was opened, but there was a long line to get inside. Target was open, but it was quiet. I didn’t check if the movie theater was open. It looks like lockdown. I wonder how long this is for…

I noticed one man had his iPhone with him, and it looked like he was filming the quiet University Town Center area. So, it might show up on Youtube later.


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