Tips To Make Your Industrial Control Panels High Performing

An industrial control panel may consist of the power circuit, control circuit or both. The primary job of these circuits and the panel is to direct and control the functioning and performance of other equipment and machinery linked to them. But remember that the industrial control panels never contain any of the controlled equipment or the main power source. These panels may be contained in an enclosure or mounted on some other back/sub panel.

Like many other industrial types of equipment, machinery, and components, the design, built, use and installation of the industrial panels is also controlled and regulated through certain regulatory norms. These may include the NEC or National Electrical Code, NFPA or National Fire Protection Association regulations and others. Safe, reliable, and well-labeled industrial control panels are a requirement of almost all industries. You can also make the most of these panels and get the best benefits and performance out of them while enhancing their longevity when you follow certain tips. Taking care of your panel not only ensure that the safety of the industrial environment and premises, but is also important for the optimal functioning of other Control Panel Manufacturer equipment and machines.

Temperature Management

It is important that the cooling system of the panel is sized adequately for the components. High heat can cause component failure. There may also be problems related to condensation. You can also choose a panel that has the right rating so that better temperature management can be attained.

It has been found that more than 55% of failures related to electrical components have been associated with high temperature. To overcome the problem you can choose the NEMA 12 rating panels that can offer protection against non-corrosive, fluids, dust, and dirt and are meant for indoor use. An electrical panel and cabinet can be fan-cooled or can be cooled through air conditioners or an air-water heat exchanger system. The air-conditioned cabinets are cooled thermostatically, and the air-water heat exchange systems have little maintenance and low operating costs. All kinds of cooling systems have their own benefits and hence should be installed after proper evaluation. They should be maintained regularly so that they can run optimally.

Preventive Maintenance

Electrical panels and systems should be regularly inspected by experts and those knowledgeable and experienced in the segment. Loose connections, brittle wires, and the worn -out components should be specifically checked for. Some procedures including tag out, lockout, application of manufacturer specified torque and others are important and should be followed.


Proper and regular cleaning through vacuuming and other ways will remove all the debris and dirt and will be good for the components. The areas of the panel that are not occupied should also be cleaned and no storage should take place in these corners.


it is important that all the components, lights, switches, and indicators have been properly labeled. You may also carry out the documentation processes that may include information related to the equipment, maintenance schedules, changes, and other aspects of your electrical control panel.

While all industrial scenarios may be different, these are common ways to ensure that your electrical panel remains safe. Maintenance and cleaning will also enhance the life of the panel as well as the components attached to it. Buy a reliable panel form a leading control panel manufacturer only.


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