Tips For Using A Glue Gun Effectively And Securely

While using the hot melt glue gun is not a very difficult process and method of gluing, safety, avoiding of injuries, and effectiveness of gluing are some of the important factors that should be considered.

Tips For Using A Glue Gun Effectively And Securely

Improper handling of the glue gun can be a cause of a fire, and injuries and the project and work may also get spoilt. Therefore it is important to handle the hot glue gun in the right way and to undertake to gluing process methodically. Whether you are using it at your home, or at some other place (including a professional workplace) you should follow the tips below given below to get the best glueing results and to handle the glue gun in a very safe and secure manner.

Choosing The Right Glue Gun Variety For Your Project

Glue guns come in different varieties. The larger ones have higher heat, while the small glue gun varieties use the low heat or warm melt glue sticks. For smaller projects like scrapbook projects and for gluing paper or cardboard, you can use the smaller glue guns comfortably. According to BestofMachinery‘s tool expert Bob Robinson, “low temp glue guns are perfect for working with delicate materials. The heating element of these devices heats glue to around 250 degrees Fahrenheit or less. While individual designs might vary, most reliable low temp glue guns will run on 10 to 20 watts of power. There are also the heavy-duty glue guns and the cordless glue guns that have a fast heating time and are more suitable for professional purposes. In any case, you need to choose the right kind of glue gun (check the wattage capacity and description) keeping in mind the kind of project you will be working on.

Cover The Area

It is important to cover the area while gluing, as it will protect the underlying surfaces. The glue gun may may heat up fast and spill the glue before you know it. You can place an Aluminium foil, a cardboard piece, or even the metal piece for protecting the underlying surface.

Protect Yourself

While using the hot melt glue gun (especially for professional and carpentry work) ensure that you wear the goggles/eye protection gear and gloves. Also, keep cold water or Ice near you while working so that if in case the glue accidentally spills on the skin surface, you can instantly cool it.

Secure The Connection

The electric power plug where you connect the glue gun should be away from the carpet and wooden surfaces, and should not have anything flammable near it. Because the glue bits come out of the glue gun after it is heated, it is good to have non-flammable surfaces and materials nearby.

Gathering All The Material

You should have the all material to glue ready with you. The Glue gun works best on the dried flowers, plastics, thick fabrics and wood. It does not work effectively on the ceramics, thin papers, and other similar materials. Have a spare glue stick ready with you before actually gluing.

Methodical Gluing

After testing the gun and ensuring that the glue has adequately melted, you need to spread the glue attentively on the surface of a material that needs to be glued, at the specific regions. Now place the other material on the glue and hold for 15 seconds. Then remove one hand slowly and see whether the material has been glued sufficiently or not. You should also give ample of curing time to the materials and let them “set” fully, by leaving them undisturbed.

It is important to be attentive and careful while gluing so as to avoid accidents and to glue the materials perfectly. The glue will result in firm bonds in not more than 10 minutes in most cases, but ensure that the glued materials are not disturbed during their curing period. You can now buy all kinds of glue guns (for both professional and craft works) online, as leading suppliers bring to you glue guns from the best of brands at a reasonable cost, on the web and internet.


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