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Tips for Showing Respect

Being respectful is a gift. You give it freely and with no conditions. Everyone deserves respect. It’s the right way to treat all people. Here are some ideas that might help us stay on track.

~Foster a learning environment

Learning can take a life time and not everyone is at the same level. People learn line upon line and by example. It takes time to appreciate differences. You don’t have to agree with an opinion to respect an opinion.

~Avoid vulgar language

There is never a reason to use vulgar language. It is always a mistake. There is always a more refined way to express your concern.

~Listen with Intent

Truly hear them out. Don’t interupt. Pay close attention to the details like body language or tone. Ask questions if you don’t understand.

~Keep your word

If you say your are going to do something follow through. You want to be trusted.

~Give your full attention

Focus on the matter at hand. Thier time is valuabe, don’t squander it away.


It’s much too easy to shoot down someones desires and dreams. Just take a moment to encourage thier inginuety and ideas.

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  1. It’s a nice list… easy to read but hard to carry out…
    but we should all try at least

    #2 is something I try to avoid but sometimes I still do… its a bad habit even though I hardly use them on others

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