Thoughts Running Wild

Have you ever had one of those moments where you sit down to write with one thought in mind and suddenly your thoughts are rushing ahead of your writing? I sat down to write and I knew just what I wanted to write about. I began slowly and proceeded. Suddenly the one point that I was going to make made me think of something entirely different.

It’s sort of like starting to write about cats and winding up with horses. As my fingers raced over the keyboard I began wondering exactly what it was that I was going to come up with. In the end, I had a pretty interesting and decent article but it can be quite amusing if you let your thoughts go wild while you are trying to concentrate on the topic you are actually writing about. Confusing, isn’t it? Have you also run into these kinds of problems?

That is me in my younger days with a lovely horse at Bellmont Racetrack in NYC.


What do you think?


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