This Graphic Should Disturb You!

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I find this disturbing. Who is voting in these elections? I am already disturbed by states that give illegals the “right” to vote. In my opinion that right comes when they are legal.  I also believe you should have prove that you have to privilege and right to vote before that ballot is cast and counted. I can handle being on the losing side or the winning side, that changes often. I cannot handle that those who have not earned the right to vote are allowed to do so, anywhere, under any circumstances.

I guess President Obama set us straight with his quote. “

Look, listen. Throughout human history… Certainly throughout American history, politicians have exaggerated. They make promises that they may try to fulfill but then it turns out to be harder than they expected. They pump up the things that they did that were good. They downplay the things that didn’t work out so good. They try to put a positive spin on things. And, by the way, before you get too down on politicians, we all do that now.”

I am not sure if speaks for all of us. I don’t think all of us do that. It certainly sounds like he condones the behaviors he describes. Then again, maybe all this friends are exactly how he describes.

For what it’s worth. I already voted. 


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter