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Things That Suddenly Appear

I read an interesting article about things as well as animals that suddenly show up for no reason and leave people wondering why they are where they are. Confusing, isn’t it? OK let me tell you about these things.

The police got quite confused on the Isle of Wight off the coast of England. On February 7, 2017, they discovered about 60 sheep grazing in an open meadow. Well, sheep do graze so why all the fuss? Well, the problem was that no one knew where these sheep came from and who owned them. So the police Twittered the matter to see if anyone responded. The next day it just got worse because the sheep had disappeared just as quickly as they had appeared. So now the police Twittered for people to keep a lookout for sheep on the run instead of the band on the run. I just had to add that there.

In New Orleans, Louisiana in the Lower Garden District someone set up a giant Pikachu statue right on top of a deteriorating fountain. The statue is 5-feet tall, made of fiberglass and painted so that it would look like brass. Suddenly people were going to see it and to take photos of it. Then just as suddenly as it appeared the statue was gone and a barcode was left in its place. If you scanned the code on a Smartphone it took you to a site that explained that the Pikachu statue wasn’t meant to be permanent. Further, it said that they donated the statue to the Coliseum Square Association to be auctioned off to help gather funds for the restoration of fountains in the park.

It has been said many times and it is a fact that things can get very cold in Siberia. That is just the way it is. What is unusual is that in Nyda, Siberia one fine day thousands of perfectly formed snowballs ranging from a few inches to three feet just showed up on a beach. They covered 11 miles of coastline in November 2016. The thought is that snowstorms just don’t have the ability to create snowballs so that leaves one more thought – how did the snowballs get there and who or what made them.

I think in this case worms were trying to form a conga line but had no music. There was a flood in Eisenhower State Park in Denison, Texas and afterward, rangers were surprised to see long pink worms in clumps in the middle of the road. However, these worms were not just haphazardly in the road they were right on the yellow lines.

It is usually people from big cities like New York that think they have seen everything there is to see and nothing fazes them anymore. Then it happened a Mason & Hamlin grand piano half-submerged showed up under the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side of the East River in May 2014. Since these are very expensive pianos and very heavy it could not have floated there. Unfortunately due to the exposure this lovely instrument totally disintegrated. If it had not I saw how it looked beneath the bridge and it was in a perfect spot for inspiration and many a wonderful song could have been written right there on the spot. Alas!

In the neighborhood of Mollevangen in the small town of Malmo, Sweden a group of artists created two mini storefronts as restaurants for mice. They called themselves Anonymouse MMX and thought that these would catch attention and look absolutely charming.


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