These jewels can't be worn on rainy days!

Jewelry is beautiful and noble, setting off the wearer’s outstanding temperament. At the same time, jewelry is also very fragile and needs everyone’s care. Although “spring rain is as expensive as oil”, for some jewels, rain is simply a “disaster.” Rainwater is not only bad for the maintenance of these jewels, but also may make jokes.

Although pearls and water are inextricably linked, pearl jewelry is still afraid of water. Because when the rain is entered into the pearl’s hole, it is not only difficult to dry, but also may be fermented in the bead hole, resulting in the absence of the pearl bead layer, and the bead wire also becomes green. In our daily lives, pearls are inevitably exposed to sweat or stains. If pearl jewelry comes into contact with rain or sweat, it should be dried in a dry cotton cloth in time, and then placed in a ventilated place to dry.

The lapis lazuli is a cryptocrystalline aggregate mainly composed of lapis lazuli minerals and containing a small amount of impurities such as pyrite and calcite. Therefore, when it is soaked or washed by rain, the dirt on the surface of the gem picture necklace[get name necklace] will penetrate into the interior, thus changing the original brilliance of the lapis lazuli. In addition, some of the minerals that make up the lapis lazuli may also be soluble in water, which would be a devastating blow to lapis lazuli. Therefore, lapis lazuli is best not to touch the water. If it is accidentally touch the water, dry it in time.

Turquoise, also known as “tophus”, is named after the shape like pine balls. Most of the turquoise pores develop, the color is delicate, and it is afraid of pollution. Avoid contact with rain, tea, soapy water, oil, rust and alcohol to prevent the pores from infiltrating into the gem.

Silver ornaments name bracelets are prone to oxidative blackening when exposed to water. If the wearer perspire a lot, they can wipe the surface with a soft cloth every day to maintain the luster and remove dirt. The silver-plated surface is preferably made of a special silver-plated cloth, which can be purchased at a silver-branded store.

After long-term wear, red corals turn white on the surface. This is due to the fact that the body secretes sweat and the acidic ingredients in the rainwater react. The best way to solve this is to wash the red coral jewelry with water and remove the sweat and rain from the jewelry.


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