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It is said, that we women are the ones who love to “hear” love, that we need much more attention and compliments than men. Some of us are even so enthusiastic about being constantly expecting a sweet word from their partner, that they completely forget, that the man beside them is also a human being, and as such, he also needs to testify to our love for him. And no matter how good it is to act before we talk, it turns out, that fairy tales are not unnecessary not only for females, but also for male ears. Do you know which words actually stroke the man’s ears next to you? Are you able to remind him often enough of how much he means to you without feeling as if you are doing something in a duty? If we really think about why a woman needs a compliment about the new hairstyle and a man does not have one? But not the hairstyle is so important. The attitude you express to him is important.

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