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The Way of Opening and Commenting Posts on Virily

Hi all!!!

I already had this idea of writing an article about this but for some other reasons, and actually I’m having second thoughts right now whether to publish it at all or not…

Right after that idea came up, a certain discussion(s) between me and some Virily member(s) developed, suddenly some accusive messages and comments popped up, actually I was accused of doing something I think I’m actually not doing at all, although it may sometimes seem that way – to some people….. (I would think more about those people in that case than of my action…..) Before that, I never noticed anyone minded that and I really suppose people have already got to know me enough to know the meaning of my actions…..Β (I will explain that more later!…)

Ok, so, in one of my previous posts, Managing (My) Notifications and a Few Thoughts (Updates) on Virily, I wrote about how handling things here became a little overwhelming, especially when I started writing those Virily themed posts… Everyone who read that article knows that sometimes I’m getting (and probably not just me!…) a lot of notifications which is sometimes hard to handle and most of you confirmed you have the same “problem” and feel the same way… I know some of you don’t even reply to the received comments… Also, there are brand new posts that pop up every day one after another and there is also A LOT of very beautiful posts that deserve attention and that I would like to show my appreciation to by opening/reading, liking (upvoting) and commenting them, especially that many of them are the posts of the people who I admire here and who also admire and comment and appreciate My posts, so I like and Tend to turn the favor back as much as I can… I also wrote about this theme in one of my previous posts,Β So Many Wonderful Posts Worth Opening So Low Daily Limit… (although it was somehow misunderstood there in a way too…)…

So, sometimes it’s very hard to manage and do all the things that I (one) would like to do here…!

At first, I had a “system” and some kind of an order of doing things here, but at one point it kind of “broke” because of the reasons I explained above and because it became almost impossible to do it all every day… So I started “experimenting” and trying some “new ways”, but eventually decided to go back to “the old system” because it’s kind of the easiest ways of handling things here even though it’s still not possible to do it all…

So, the way I’m opening/reading posts is usually this…..!: I open as many posts I can, some I upvote immediately, some I leave to upvote or not vote at all (which very rarely happens!) and comment later, so I still have folders and folders of saved other people’s opened posts and usually around 700-800 tabs in my browser that are waiting for me to comment on them… So now, let’s imagine that number of posts that you would like to grant and imagine the effort and time it takes to do all that….. Imagine the time it needs for every post to be read and commented… (I’m mentioning this ONLY because of those recent accusations…..!!!)

So I’m actually doing things depending on the current mood and time, therefore sometimes I’m just opening and upvoting posts, sometimes I’m commenting on the opened posts that are waiting in the line of my browser to be appreciated, sometimes I’m managing my notifications and comments on my posts, sometimes I write (usually after I manage to do most of the previous actions first, although it changes sometimes…), etc. Anyway, I always tend to acknowledge other people and their posts in SOME way, the way that is currently the most “available” and effective for me, although I would like to grant much more…! It’s always balancing things…

The reason I’m writing this is because I was recently accused of “copy-pasting” comments by one member who wasn’t satisfied with my short, simple, “general” comment(s) on her post(s) and all I wanted is to grant her Something because I never comment on her posts (and I am not the only one)… Yes, I sometimes do write such comments on other people’s posts too, maybe even the people I admire the best, but in my opinion and INTENTION it just means I want to grant them in some way (and I hope you have all known me well enough already to know that)…! I never copy-paste, I always type, it’s never the same comment although sometimes it probably does “repeat” and look like some of my other similar comments in some way, because probably I can’t think of something else at that moment, but it is never copy-pasting… I always think about what to write but we are not everyone always in the mood of “super-commenting” or we maybe sometimes don’t like That much someone’s article, but still want to grant them for their effort, or because maybe we like their posting in general and consider them good writers or photographers or artists, etc., OR, we just can’t think of a better word at that moment…! So I don’t consider writing “Great”, or “Cute” or whatever I write a “spammy” comment, I consider it only >a short< comment which INTENTION is to REWARD!… Also, sometimes writing “Beautiful” is enough and you just don’t know how to fill those 20 characters (some members also agreed on this one) so I decided to “copy” one other member’s idea who first thought of that when the 20 characters limit appeared by putting the dots to fill the spaces and even noticed some other members also found it a nice and funny solution….. πŸ˜‰

I think we are probably all doing the best we can here and we surely should not be taking things here that personally like some people do…! I don’t mind anything to anyone here nor do I ever “report” anything, because whatever they do is their thing… I even regularly Thanked the person who is the only one I noticed once here literally copy-pasting the identical comment on several posts, but it never even came to my mind to report that person because I know it is a person who posts very beautiful original posts and probably just doesn’t have the time for more, or whatever…

The only thing I sometimes do mind is when you reply to someone’s comment and maybe ask a question, but you don’t get a reply…; or if you grant some people constantly whatever the way but they never do that to you… But ok, I suppose they too don’t have enough time to manage everything (at least some of them)…

Anyway, we shouldn’t take things that seriously…! The thing is to be thankful for what we get…!

So I still have a lot of notifications to answer, most of them are on one of my latest Virily themed posts, Do You Like Virily / Do You Want Virily to Succeed? (The Turn on the Current β€œSituation”) POLL, Β which I must say seems to be shown very useful and I thank you for your feedback, because now we thankfully got notifications at the top of the page notifying us when there’s a problem on the site… The full article on that you can check in my latest post Thank You Virily!… πŸ™‚, where I’m also mentioning the current photos problems that I also wrote about in my post β€œOne More Photo from The Coffeeshop”, Some Virily Thoughts + Interesting Interiors Challenge…!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you agree…..! πŸ™‚


What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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  1. Well, some people are taking thing too seriously. You are great support for us here and we should appreciate that. But, it is hard to satisfy people. It is in human nature to look for something wrong and bad. You should not worry and ignore all those who are ”mean”. Keep up the good work!

    • I must agree with you on that… Thank you very much, I am glad you see it that way…! πŸ™‚ Yes, I noticed that too unfortunately… Thank you very much for the advice and all support, it means a lot!!! Thanks, you too!!!

  2. I understand the point you are trying to make. I disagree respectfully. I also sympathize with those who are not native English speakers. It is hard to write much in a different language. I will write a post in reply to present my point of view. Meanwhile, might I suggest one of these if you have trouble coming up with an original comment for a post you enjoyed and want to show appreciation for? ”

    “I enjoyed your post very much”
    “I learned something from your post. Thank you.”
    “I appreciated what you had to say.”
    “Your photos were very interesting.”

    All of the above are twenty characters or more long and give you something to apply to almost any kind of post. I won’t complain or report if you use one of them or anything else that has at least twenty characters, nineteen of which are not end punctuation or obvious punctuation fillers . I still think “Nice post…………” is gaming the system. And I honestly don’t remember who’s doing this, but I know more than one person is.

    I don’t think it’s right to copy all of part the comment someone else wrote on the same post. That is plagiarism. I’m giving you my permission to copy any of the suggestions I wrote here. So using one of those would not be plagiarizing me without my permission.

    I”ve tried to be helpful, not just critical. Keep in mind that finding ways to “game the system” or get around the rules, no matter what your motivation, will eventually kill this site if enough people do it. People learn from each other how to do it, and then think “if they got by with it, so will I.”

    I would solve the comment problem by removing the character limit on comments and then not paying people for comments. Then no one would try to come up with a comment so they could earn from it, but would only comment if they really had something they wanted to say.

    • I will take a look at your comments later, but just have to say we are not all the same, we don’t experience things the same, we don’t think the same, we don’t feel the same, and we don’t speak and express things the same, so if you think writing “Great post” isn’t enough that is just the way you see it, and your problem… I thank everyone who comments on my posts whatever the comment is, of course I appreciate the engaging comments more, but also, writing “great post” doesn’t have to mean the person did not Read the post…..
      I will elaborate on the other things you said later when I manage to read everything…..

    • PS The examples you just mentioned are also generic, general comments, so not that sincere, meaningful and engaging….. And I never copy-paste someone else’s comments, I always say what I Think, I just sometimes have a problem using the right word for my feeling, I never said I couldn’t come up with a lot of blah blah words, therefore for me saying “Beautiful” and having nothing more to say is sometimes more meaningful than 100 blah blah words…..!
      Also, the thing that you are “approving” using your comments is really ridiculous, because your approval in those terms means nothing for the actual rules; also, don’t you think that 2 persons could actually have the same opinion and write almost the identical comment…..?!

      • Your questions are fair enough. I’ve never said you were the one who pasted the comments of others into a post. You’re not the one who did this on several of my posts, but someone did.

        I agree that the comments I suggested are also generic, but at least they have twenty real characters. I also agree that a sincere “Beautiful” is all that should be necessary in a comment, but to earn for comments we are supposed to do more.

        I’m quite sure more than one person could have the same comment in mind, but it’s not normal on this or any other site to have the identical comment right over or under the one that was made first.

        I’m not really hoping people will use my canned comments. I only posted them for those who have trouble coming up with comments of their own because of language problems or not being able to think of a long enough comment.

        I will grant you that pasting the same generic comment after almost every post doesn’t necessarily mean that the commenter didn’t read the post, but it certainly suggests that. Why shouldn’t someone just upvote the post if they can’t think of something to say that indicates they have actually read the post?

        • Ok, I know what you meant (some of the things…).

          20 characters……….. —— pfffffffffffff, I don’t know, I just don’t think it’s that bad writing a shorter comment when it presents the actual meaning of our thoughts – after all, that is what interaction is based on, right…..?

          I think it Could happen – identical comments…

          I didn’t mean when pasting, I meant when writing short general comments…

          • I have a problem with seeing the same person post the same short comment on every post we both visit. Honestly, I don’t even remember who is doing it. But when I see it, I think I’m seeing someone just trying to milk the system without adding the kind of value that attracts the advertisers that make it possible for us to earn.

        • If you are “tracking” the dashboard you will see that activity is what matters….. While the activity was 0, while the site was not available, the value of the Viril was the lowest it has ever been, now it is almost 1:1

        • In the FAQ’s is only written that writing SPAM comments is not allowed.. I’m not sure those are spam comments, we all know what is spam….. – Comments that have Nothing To Do with the content but they are for example ads for something totally not related to the article (at least I think so…..), so I think we shouldn’t worry nor play the police that much….. I only worry about some other things like something that I’m about to publish now…
          I also remember receiving such a PM (private message) which was a little disturbing and the admins noticed it and it was deleted very soon by them without even me notifying them about it – so I think they know and track pretty much what we write, and know what of the comments is allowed and what not – it is also stated in the FAQ’s that spam comments deduct -5 Virils so…..

          • People do often leave inappropriate messages in private messaging. I’ve gotten some of those myself, not only here but on other sites and on Twitter. I agree with your definition of spam comments and that a too-short comment isn’t the same as spam. We will have to disagree as to whether such comments, especially those pasted in on numerous posts, add enough value for the site to pay for.

        • Ok…….
          So if you don’t have anything else to say, and the only possible answer to some questions is a very short word, what else to add…..? And sometimes there Are such questions…..
          I must repeat that at first there was no the 20 characters limit…

          • If I have nothing else to say, I just like the comment so the person knows I read it. One reason I like myLot is that they don’t make you make up more to say than you want to say in order to post a comment. People who get longer comments probably make more than those who only get shorter comments. No one knows for sure. I’m not against short comments. I’m just against trying to get around rules that were put here to benefit the site.

        • And then, should there be a “value” difference between a very short comment and very long ones, like these we were making here for example…..? I think sometimes is ok to write a short sensible comment……. And what if the meaning of my comment is also in the number of the dots sometimes……..?

        • I was talking about the situations when someone asks a question during the conversation in the thread and the answer can’t be long in any way…, not when someone comments and you don’t have anything to say… Also, when you like a comment there is NO notification about it so no one know’s whether someone or who liked it…

          I understand the 20 char. limit…..

        • I don’t agree, technology is so developed that there are surely technical possibilities to exclude punctuation and emoticons but they aren’t excluded… I also don’t see it that problematic – filling spaces with dots or emoticons (in this case emoticons can surely be treated like dots…).
          I was also thinking about the thing you wrote – advertisement on the site, and if that is something that is endangered there wouldn’t be ads now even in the body of the text when writing a post!…
          Anyway, I don’t think those are the things WE should worry about – the admins are surely there to think about it and if there was a problem it would surely be solved like the one that is (/about to be solved) now… – drafts saving and fake points.. Also, value of a Viril wouldn’t be that good like it is now if something of those things was a problem (at least I think so…..).
          Many people here judge and worry about some things that would probably be put differently if that was the case… And they also see some things in a wrong way (in my opinion)… – like they consider opening posts and upvoting them without reading them an atempt to “game the system”….. People, if that was the real situation it wouldn’t be put that way nor even possible to do it like that…..!!! The ones that made this site wanted it that way!… If it was “gaming the system” it would be disabled, and there surely are LIMITS to disable what Should be disabled…..!
          So, I think many poeple here do what is not on them, and surely take this site way to serious while it is meant for fun…

  3. Nicely said! I think that based on discussions with you, I’ve come around (most of the way) to your way of thinking. Unless it is an obvious cut and paste (like you have four comments from one person, and they are all the same).

    So I agree with your point other than my one proviso (obvious cut and paste).

    Good job tying all your posts together – you’ve really used to platform very well!

  4. Wow! You’ve put this thing clearly, thoroughly, and in detail, Tas. I really appreciate that. We have discussed many things some of them before, and for me this article has also represented part of my motivation to build friendship here, whether it is welcomed or not… Well everyone has their own interests, motives and ways, is not it?

  5. I have noticed that lately people on Virily will always find something to be offended or annoyed by. I personally think that responding to a comment is polite and respectful, because someone invested some of their time to write you a few words, even if it’s just a simple, short or copy-pasted comment. A simple and generic answer is enough. Some people feel obligated to see your posts if you leave them a comment. I think that this is up to them, but writing a simple thank you doesn’t take much time and it makes people return to your profile. Even the busiest creators know that it’s important to interact with their audience.

    • Ellie, that is exactly my point!… πŸ™‚ Great words, I feel the same and that is my way of thinking too…..! I do tend to write a comment the best I can but I’m not always in a “speaky” mood and sometimes I also don’t know how to express myself too… πŸ˜€ I agree that a “meaningful” comment is always better but the fact that we are not always in the possibility to do that is also natural…
      I always tend to “do the favor back” but maybe not imediately or I’m doing it “in advance”… It is nice to know that the ones you gave your attention to like/grant your posting too… Of course, it is very important……! Now you actually reminded me that some people (that person) considers “thank you” as a spam too, someone told her that, and also what started this “frustration” is when people started expressing their opinion on copy-pasted comments,etc and how they are Reporting them, while it never even came to my mind here (wtf?!?!?!)……!
      Maybe people became like that because they are affected and frustrated by the current site’s situation…..:/
      Thank you for your words!!!;) And sorry for the long answer :E/ ;D

      • We can’t please everyone: if they want, people will always find something to be unhappy about. But you are right that maybe the site issues have brought up the ugly side of some of us.
        Don’t worry about the lenght of the comment, comments are for expressing ourselves.
        Also, sometimes I write short and generic comments too because I can’t really find the right words. I have the same problem in my native language too since I am not very verbal, I guess. πŸ˜€

          • Thanks Alex!!! Yes, I agree….. I think if people get it they get it. I’m sorry that I got into those arguments with some of them, I was really affected by it…….:|((

        • Thank you very much, and you are right…..! πŸ˜€ The harder you try to explain yourself the more you expose yourself to bad/wrong interpretations…..!
          I just had to write this article but I’m sorry I didn’t have enough space in the article to mention some other things, but sometimes I just don’t know how to explain and forget the right explanations…:/( It’s just that sometimes a “general” comment is also a genuine one, and like you said, it’s sometimes hard to find the right words…, especially these days when everything became pretty overwhelming and I should really make distance a little and break! :/ Or there are just some other reasons… Not all of us are always in the mood or are great speakers….. πŸ˜‰

          • As long as you yourself don’t feel you are doing something wrong, you don’t have to pay attention to online arguments and you definitely shouldn’t let them affect your life.

        • Exactly!….. Everything we do is on us, and that was the “rule” I was relying upon when those comments/arguments appeared… I somehow slipped and started “arguing”/explaining/proving but you are quite right!….., we shouldn’t…..!!! There should be “a distance” on these sites….. Thank you, Ellie, I am glad we are on the same page and share the same opinion…..!!! πŸ™‚ It would be really absurd to explain anything to anyone and that is why I had doubts even to publish this article or not…! πŸ™‚
          Thanks a bunch!!! πŸ˜‰

  6. I like the idea of returning the favour. I used to try and reply everyone’s comments till I realised that I can’t do that, especially after the 20 character limit.

    There are many reasons: I don’t know what to reply (sometimes, I just can’t come up with something), When a “Thank you” may seem rather perfunctory and I can’t make up the 20 characters limit, I really missed out on it…etc

    So yeah, for whatever reason, I apologise if I didn’t reply but it doesn’t mean I didn’t see it

    • No need to apologize, everyone does the best they can… I agree, and don’t think that every comment must be a totally personal one. It is better if it is s genuine engaging comment but doesn’t always have to be one. Example: you like the article but it is not of your interest sphere, so you just say “great post” or similar and I think it is great too…

  7. I first answer those who have visited my posts. Then I visit the remaining posts that she did not visit. And finally publish. I endeavored to answer my visiting posts. I’m a little behind now, I just missed a few days.

  8. It takes a lot of time to answer notifications. But I feel it is important and respectful. I try my best to answer each one individually. I may miss one or two along the way and i apologize if I miss your comment. But this is the first thing I do when I login, I feel it is the most important. πŸ™‚


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