The US has declared China’s mobile company against national security

The US refused to license China’s mobile company in the face of threats related to national security. The Trump Administration refused to license China’s mobile company for purchasing in the US. The Trump Administration says China can harm the US through the communication system. Therefore, the license to China’s mobile company was not issued because of threats to national security.

US Department of Commerce Secretary of Communications and Information David J. Radal said, Chinese mobile company officials failed to remove reservation of  American law enforcement and national security interests. When the satisfactory answer was not received on the reservations, the department has proposed not to issue the license to the ministry, which has been accepted.

China’s state-owned mobile company had requested the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license to acquire mobile phones 7 years ago and network license. However, the situation between the two countries is tense and both countries have imposed heavy taxes on each other’s commodities.


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