Friday The 13th

The Unluckiest Date In The Calendar: Interesting Facts About Friday The 13th

The unluckiest date of the year is very familiar to most of us. Friday the 13th, is a combination of a date and a day that are genuinely considered as the biggest “bad luck combo” of the year. Some historical researches show that the belief about this unlucky day started around the 19th century. On the other hand, there are also beliefs that it came about during the Middle Ages, and that it has Biblical origins. Some people refer to it as a “day of misery and misfortune”. They believe it brings bad luck, considering the fact that 13 is an unlucky number!

Bad luck day unluckiest date

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This day has inspired a lot of movies, TV series, books and shows as well. They are all focused on superstitions and curses. The main character in the stories is Jason Voorhees, who is a very popular image in the popular culture. He is a psycho killer who is wearing a mask, and he is mainly stalking and killing innocent people.

Jason Voorhees

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A lot of bad things have happened on Friday 13th in the past:

  • In 2010, on a Friday 13th, at 13:13, a 13 year old kid died of a lightning struck. Spooky.
  • Daz Baxter, a New Yorker who was extremely afraid of Friday the 13th, had decided that staying at home in bed is the safest place to be on a Friday the 13th. Ironically, he died the same day. The reason of his death was the collapse of the floor in his apartment block.
  • The legendary Tupac Shakur died on the 13th of Sepember, on a Friday.
Tupac Shakur

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  • On the 13th of March, 1964, a woman whose name was Catherine Susan “Kitty” Genovese, was brutally stabbed and raped outside her apartment building by a random stranger. On a creepy Friday.
Kitty genovese

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Finland dedicates one Friday 13th in a year for a “National Accident Day”

Finland National Accident Day

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There are many beliefs about this unlucky day. Most of the people have very deep beliefs that they don’t want to make weddings, or bargain, or travel somewhere on this day.

Friday the 13th

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