The Undying Love of Soulmates

My friend and I have had a long talk and realized that the love of soul mates comes along once in a lifetime and can be so much more painful when it is lost. She and I grew up together and have known each other since the 6th grade. We kept in touch even while I was in Latvia and are like sisters. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be living under the same roof. Then we had a long talk over the holidays and realized we had a lot in common more so than ever before. We have both lost our soul mates and we both still expect to wake up to find it all has been a very bad dream.

First I will tell you about me and my soul mate, my Martin whom I lost on August 17, 2017. We would have never met if fate had not sent me to Latvia to bring my mom back to her homeland. Yet, it had to be so because I soon discovered that he was my soul mate the other part of me that made me whole. When we came together we found so much in common that it just seemed natural that we were born to be together. We always kept these two hunting knives together in our house. One had been bought by my dad in Riga before he had to flee his homeland during WW II and the other many years later by Martin’s dad at a store in Riga. Both knives were identical but we did not know if they had been bought in the same store. Our moms were both born in May one on May 24 and one on May 26 but in different years. Our moms both died in the month of March also different years and different days. He and I could communicate without saying a word at times a look would just do. When I lost him a panic set in which I had to calm myself if I wanted to go on living.

My friend had the pleasure of getting to know a popular singer and one we idolized in our teen years due to the fact that her father knew his father. In her teen years, she was asked not to reveal her friendship but I have been with her to one of his concerts and the two of us screamed our voices out. She knew even at that time that they had a very strong bond but teenagers don’t just pick up and follow their idols around the world. She did what was right and went on with her life. One of the songs he wrote for her suddenly made much more sense to me after she told me about the situation in which it was written. Her father never wanted her to go out to California so she never did. Fate had other things in store for her and for this singer. My friend grew up, we finished high school and she got married to a handsome man. Together they had three sons who are all now grown up and handsome. However, when the marriage hit a rocky spot her thoughts went back to her true love. It might sound like a fairytale but he finally found her through the wonder of the Internet and of course, she knew what he was up to all these years by just following his career. When they met again all the years melted away and it was yesterday once more.

She was lucky to have him and his love for 14 years in which she also managed to hold her family together. I had my love for 20 + years but then once we met we were always together. Now the two of us are widows having lost our soul mates. There are times we think that they will just knock on the door and this will all have been a bad dream. We like to think that their two spirits have met because the two women they loved the most are now together and that they are both watching over us. I think losing a soulmate is one of the hardest things to go through. She is luckier she has her sons.

The photo is of Martin and me


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