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The Stuttgart Municipal Library

I was writing about interesting and impressive libraries. The Stuttgart Municipal Library in Stuttgart, Germany has found its home in a new 9-story building and resembles a large crystalline cube sitting on the grassy area at Mailander Plaza.

This square library building can be accessed from all four sides and the entry-level features a central space known as the “Heart” which represents the spatial and meditative center point of the whole building. What you see is that above the four-story core space rises the five-story pyramid-shaped reading room. The reading room is surrounded by various study rooms along the facade all lit up by a glass ceiling.

The library also has individual areas among them the Children’s Library, the Music Library, the Study Rooms, Graphoteque, administration, and cafe. All of these are arranged over the nine floors as an outer ring along with the well-lit facade and enclosed by an accessible roof that has a terrace from which one can see spectacular views of the city. There is an even space for 300 on the ground floor which can be reached from the foyer.

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  1. I have argued for years that we need to change libraries and museums. We waste space, and spend huge amounts of energy keeping libraries at the right temperature, the same for museums.

    Time to say solar power is required for every library and museum. We have to start being responsible

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