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It’s the first time I try doing a list. Wish me luck.

Well, I think it’ll be too late when you get to see this. Nevermind.

Getting the exact number of churches in Italy is difficult, because not all of them are active and they range from huge cathedrals to small chapels.

The town where I currently live has 4000 inhabitants, and 3 churches.

The Italian population consists of 60 million people: if we made a proportion, that would be 45000 churches. There could be more, there could be less.

Probably more.

Don’t worry, there are more bars, mostly cafés, than churches anyway.

It’s alright, they’re nice to see. However, they usually come with bell towers.

It’s nice to be told what hour it is, every hour. Really.

Especially at night.

When I moved here, I was shocked to hear the bells chiming at night.

It wasn’t an exception, they do. Every hour. Every night.

I can see two steeples from my balcony. I chose to show you the most beautiful.

By the way, I was given a digital camera but couldn’t get it to take photographs.

I was desperate, I thought it was broken.

Recently, I found out why the camera wasn’t working.

The shutter-release button had to be pushed harder than how I did.

Silly me!


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    • I’m glad Italy gave you great impressions. ?
      I’ve never been abroad instead. If I had the chance to travel, I’d focus on Europe first. There’s so much in a relatively small continent such as Europe. ?

    • When it comes to Catholic churches that were built before the XVI century, I think Italy owns the most. Then it really depends on the population, making sure that all Christians have their own church where to pray and attend masses. The United States are likely to have the highest amount of non-Catholic churches. ?
      Thanks, I agree. Not a bad view for a small city. ?

  1. Thank you, dear. ?
    It’s a little annoying because it’s loud, especially when the window is open.
    Fortunately, not all bells work. Only two towers chime the hours, the first one is on time, the second one chimes 4 minutes later.
    It gets more annoying at midday, or midnight: 24 strokes each. ?

    • I don’t fall asleep before midnight and I don’t wake up after noon, that’s how I usually handle it. ?
      Actually, it helps me knowing at what time I fell asleep, because I wake up remembering how many strokes I heard at last. Better than having to open your eyes and look at the time. ?


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