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The singing Starling

This photograph I took some years ago now. I live by the coast, and I was sitting on the of the benches on the promenade and this Starling was on the next bench. Luckily I had my camera with me and I zoomed in to get some photo’s of him. I took several shots, but this one I got of him as he was singing. I just love this photo of his little beak open and singing his little heart out. And when Starling sing, I think they sound so sweet. Plus, looking at him (or her) close up I think it’s wonderful to see it’s lovely shiny feathered coat. I love birds, and have always enjoyed bird watching.

Listening to birds sing is so beautiful and can brighten up anybodys day, don’t you think? ¬†Each morning when I get up for work at 6am I often hear the birds singing, and it makes me ready for the day ahead and always cheers me up.


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  1. While abundant in most of the world, Starlings are a rare visitor to forests, (they are not too bright and easy prey),. Twice yearly thousands migrate through, a cacophony of R2D2 like whirs, whistles and warbles. They just don’t stay. Great shot!

  2. A park is located next to the bedroom window about 10 meters away. I’m listening to the songs of the birds. Thank you for mentioning this bird’s name. They are often on the high pine opposite, but I did not know how they were said.


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