The royal crown

The royal crown is a symbol of the sovereignty of Great Britain. There is several versions, starting from the XV century. As for the looks of today’s crown, the design is very similar to that of the crown of St. Edward, just this small and covered with jewels. At the royal crown of many valuable gems: 2868 diamonds, 269 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 5 rubies. On the crown of some very famous jewels. On top of the coffin of St. Edward’s sapphire. Safir was taken from the ring of Edward the Confessor. Rubin Black Prince is placed on the front of the cross. Famous Cullinan II (the second star Africa), pillow-diamond shape, is located on the front side of the crown, immediately below the ruby Black Prince. Cullinan II took the place of 1909 replaced the Stuart sapphire (104 carats), which is now located on the back of the crown. This includes crown jewels of Queen Elizabeth. Two large jewels (Cullinan diamond and sapphire Stuart) are interconnected by a circular groove, which is filled with eight emeralds, sapphires and eight. In between are two rows of pearls.


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