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The Possibly Reduced Daily Limit/a Bug for Commenting and No Communication from the Admin Team…!

As I already stated in my previous post about this theme, A NEW IMPORTANT UPDATE on (notifications, the virils page and) the Possibly Changed Daily Limit for Commenting…!!!!!!!!!!, something is happening with the Virils we are receiving for commenting other people’s posts but the real problem is we don’t know if the daily limit for commenting (other people’s posts) is changed – reduced, or if it is a bug…! No one informed us and the admins are still not answering about it..!

When I first noticed this I was commenting other people’s posts and my own (replying to the comments I received in them) at the same time and I noticed I got only around 23 Virils for other people’s posts… As I already wrote in my post, Some Virily Practices – Commenting – The Most Profitable Way in Collocating Virils When Commenting – Tips for Earning More, such things were happening when you were commenting both your own and other people’s posts at the same time because commenting on your own posts was affecting the number of “free” comments/Virils for other people’s posts but could be that isn’t the situation anymore since I couldn’t find the certain order in it now…

The next time I was commenting, I started commenting after Midnight, I opened only one Poll before I started commenting and received several notifications about Virils I earned for views and one comment on my newest article in the meantime… Besides that, I didn’t comment any of my own posts (didn’t want to mix any other action with commenting other people’s posts)… The number of Virils stopped counting when I reached the 28th Viril for commenting other people’s posts now which had no logic at all now since it isn’t a round number too…..!

That time I also made a couple of Replies to my own comments I wrote in other people’s posts as an additional comment but I didn’t get Virils for them so the only logic is if that was calculated into the “possible “NEW” 30 comments a day limit” somehow too… :/

Also…!, some are claiming they didn’t notice this and that they are getting Virils for all of their (for example) 30 comments they made, so since the first time it happened I got less than 28 and the second time 28 I have no clue what this is about now…!

The third time I was checking Virils it seemed they stopped counting at the 29th Viril received for commenting other people’s posts (that time I was commenting other people’s and my own posts at the same time too – the same as the first time when I got only 23 Virils!!!) but after I commented a couple more of my own posts (Replies to the received comments from other people AND some NEW comments – not Replies to the received comments!) I tried commenting other people’s posts again (only 1) and started receiving Virils again…! Since I tried commenting only 1 post I don’t know if the counting would continue or it would stop at the 30th Viril but I thought that the counting (receiving) of Virils continued due to the mixed commenting of other people’s and then my own posts after the “limit” was reached so that made me thinking it is actually a bug…!

But, yesterday something ELSE happened…! Yesterday I was commenting again so when the counting stopped I counted all the Virils I got for commenting other people’s posts and there were again 29 of them even though today I was commenting ONLY other people’s posts – not my own too…! Then I did the same thing I did the previous time… – I tried to comment several of my own articles (both Replies AND some NEW comments) and then tried to comment other people’s posts again but this time nothing happened!… There were no additional Virils for it so I went to check and count the Virils again and I found 1 more Viril I “received” earlier yesterday for a comment I posted several days ago but which was actually Reported yesterday so when the Admin brought it back I “got” a Viril for it like I posted it at that moment (like a “confirmation” of the returned comment because Virils are deducting when a comment gets reported) so could be that comment was counted like the 30th one which could now imply the Daily Limit is actually reduced to 30 Virils a day…

That would be clear if we didn’t have this situation with no certain order in it and if other users didn’t tell me they received only 25 or 28 Virils these days too…! Also, I don’t understand how it could happen that the counting stops at one point and then continues after several comments I posted in my own posts…! So either we were commenting a lot of our own articles before commenting other people’s posts so that affected the possible “new 30 Virils a day limit”, either the “new” number is not a round number at all, or it is actually a bug… :/

Not sure what is actually happening but after writing about it to the Admins a couple of times I finally got a reply from the Virily Editor two days ago asking “What is the problem?”… After I explained the situation Again they kept not answering…! Then I wrote them again and still Nothing…!!!

Now, I don’t understand some things…………. Why are we able to post several posts a day (not sure what is the limit but I heard it’s something like 8 or 10 posts a day) while not being able to comment them all (if we want to comment as many different authors as possible we can’t comment all the posts 1 person posted) and why no one is informing us about the things we should be informed about since such things should have already been included in the FAQ if the limit is changed, or if it is a bug…?!? Such behavior that is repeating constantly whenever such problems occur became completely unacceptable to me and is making me very frustrated and even losing my interest in Virily…! I can understand not informing us about the visual changes but about such important and crucial things not…

NOTE!!!: THIS LIMIT IS REFERRED ONLY TO COMMENTING ON OTHER PEOPLE’S ARTICLES – NOT OUR OWN ARTICLES!!! But as I already stated in the article on the link above commenting our own articles FIRST (replying to the comments we get) can affect the number of “free” Virils for commenting other people’s posts, at least it was like that before this change/bug happened and it occurred to me it could be THAT was actually the possible reason this limit could have been changed now (but we can’t know that until explained)…!

UPDATE!!!: Today I got only 27 Virils for commenting other people’s posts…!

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  1. I wish I could join the cause by attempting to see how many virils I’m able to get through commenting, but I lack the focus and creativity to comment so much. 😅
    It’s odd, I wonder if there is not a fixed limit but a ratio depending on how many posts were published during the day, or something else.

    • Oh, sorry for the late reply…!!!!!!!!! I am late with all my replies A LOT!!!… 😐
      Hahahahahahah, I can understand you in that and you don’t have to (this was actually for the ones who already noticed it and there are some who did…!) but since I missed so many new posts of other users and was mostly posting lately not even managing to answer all the comments I got (like this one now…! 😀 😉 ) I have almost just started commenting when it already reached the limit…! I really wanted to comment more even though it was usually too much for me commenting like 50 articles… Now this is actually too small for me, I need more, ahahaha… 😀 🙁

      Yes, that is what you actually mentioned in that other comment too and that is the thing I wondered about too but I think it’s not like that because now that I checked the limit for opening posts is strict: 100 posts (no matter which ones you actually open and no matter of the points (Virils) you get I think)…
      Could be it’s different with the commenting limit but I’m not sure about that… It’s too weird so could be but not sure… :/ And maybe it’s a bug, who knows (I mean the admins know, ahahah…! ;DDD)…
      Actually I thought it could be all the limits are just Temporary Reduced because when I tried to edit a very old post and publish it I got new Virils for re-publishing it (probably because it’s older than 6 months – something like with opening posts older than 6 months…) but I know if that is a glitch or intentionally put that way, and even if it is the limits shouldn’t be reduced for that because not all the users are editing their (old) posts so -I think- it’s probably because of the currently Low Viril value – at least it was low in the previous update and now who knows how low/high it would be but if it’s high than reducing the limits is not fair at all…

      PS Today I visited a user’s Profile and Posts pages and noticed what you noticed happened with my newest post…: her new posts weren’t there!… Did you noticed that happening Again with my Posts pages on my Profile…? :/

      • I think it’s a hybrid between a bug and something else. After all, the “machine” reacts to the inputs and if settings were that way and not adapted to the new features, this happens. I’m referring to the virils got from editing, not the comments which are still a mystery.

        The old page where we could see all posts, i.e. that found if clicking on “more”, has disappeared. I noticed right away as I often get to this site through a shortcut which is a random user profile, and it said something along the lines of “not found”. Ugh, notifications have also disappeared. I see all (I suppose it’s all) the latest posts of yours on the first page, of course when I get to Page 2 the posts date back to March, like it used to be.

        • Yes, I know, could be that but could be it was put that way too… :/

          Yes, I have just heard about it and noticed myself… They are probably “working” on something… I didn’t notice notifications disappeared… When did that happen…? I think all of mine are there…
          Yes, ok… I asked because of the thing that happened the previous time – you told me you couldn’t find my newest post, that it wasn’t visible…?

          • Before I logged in yesterday, I had over 50 notifications and some were pretty old. Most of those were upvotes from people I was planning to return the favor. Perhaps we no longer get notified for the upvotes we receive? Then I logged in and saw I had like 2, and they were recent, like those I got in that day.

            I couldn’t find the recent posts you published except for the most recent on the first page, I just missed posts that were few days older, so I could see the newest post, just not the “less new” which I still wanted to view and read, because the second page would bring me back to “prehistory”. 😅

        • Oh, stop concluding nonsense you people… 😐 Of Course we are getting notified about everything, I didn’t have any problems with mine, and with this missing Drafts (and some other) thing(s) they are obviously working on something which caused that bug! There is a problem with those things since yesterday, check out some today’s posts (I wrote about it too)… Also, not all people had problems with notifications…

          I understood that but I understood you couldn’t see some of my Newest posts, the first ones on the first Posts page that time…

          • Well, I checked my notifications again and saw that a notification about someone started following me ( 3 days ago) actually stayed there, it was all the other notifications that were gone, and they were upvotes. Hopefully new notifications concerning upvotes will appear, I just happened to lose the old ones and they don’t even appear in the “(already) read” section. Hopefully, again, it is just me.
            I will go check the latest posts then. 🙂

            Aww, it’s my fault I didn’t explain it properly back then, right away, I understand how you understood.

        • OK, sorry if I “overreacted” (didn’t mean it as a fight for sure) but I’m tired of all the people who were writing nonsense today… One even thought there won’t be drafts anymore…………. (wtf ?!? :/), so I was like are you all “insaaaane”, hahaah……… 😉 I thought you understood it’s a bug since I told you I didn’t have any problems with notifications but I heard some DID have it… And there is a problem with some other things too…

          Yes, it sounded like it was actually The latest post…

        • Seems you were right…!!! I am not getting upvote notifications too (wasn’t paying much attention to it actually due to other notifications so haven’t noticed…) but I do see all the other ones – at least it looks that way since I was answering a lot of my notifications today and yesterday too… I hope there won’t be some that got lost in the Read ones because I marked the ones I answered as “read” (the ones that could appear later and that are currently not visible)…
          Really not sure what this is about at all, not sure why only such notifications would be lost, but we also see the situation where several different sections are missing in the More Menu Section…

          (I will answer the other comment later!)

  2. PS Just “one clue”……… I wrote about the credit which is Completely NOT RELATED to My Writing……… If you read the post properly and if you had the experience that I have here you would probably know what I’m talking about here and Especially WHY……….! Since you do NOT, your comment is just an insult………!

  3. Were you trying to insult me when you said “you are saying the same thing over and over. Is there a different topic that you might get credit for?” without understanding Anything about this topic nor my writing…………………….?????????!

    Your guesses are Wrong, like I already said/explained!………

  4. It would be good if the administration corrected FAQ, then we may get all the answers. Not a big difference to me 30 or 50 comments, actually I do not count them. If I have what to say, I comment even if I do not get virils.

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