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The Other Side of Industrialization

The irony of things where some local residents do not benefit from the fruits of industrialization as seen by the crude  cooking implement.

       About 100 meters from this place is a multi-million dollar industrial plant producing finest quality oleo-chemicals.  These chemicals are used in the production of various household and personal care products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food emulsifiers, additives ans agricultural chemicals for exports.

This is the other side of modern technology, wood fueled stove made of scrap bars, while on the other side of the street is an ultra modern production plant with the latest technological innovation.


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Written by Florel Caparas

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  1. Thank you Florel, for bringing reality to so many who have not the faintest idea, Living in South-Africa, I am of course too painfully aware of life’s inhumanity to man. Only one gift, divides the haves from the have not’s, it is called GRACE. We surely don’t own it and it is as fragile as life itself, I mean, what is life, but a tiny space between breaths? The breath you have just exhaled and the hope of taking the next one.

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