The minaret of the al – Iraq 🇮🇶 Malawi

The minaret of the al – Iraq Malawi … One of the best ideas of Islamic art and architecture is easy to read from almost mythical desert examples Great mosque and its minaret (minaret) al-Malawi, in Samarra in Iraq, which was built by Caliph al-Mutavakil . Monumentality and strangeness, the minaret from a distance advertises its existence. The idea of climbing to the heights, as a result of the search and the practice of religion, it is a remarkable architectural and artistic expression presented in this very case. In addition to following the principles of the minaret of the ancient Mesopotamian architecture, a new relationship with religion instructs the viewer to new spheres of connecting man with heaven, and God. Great Mosque was built from 847 to 861 years and has long been the largest mosque in the world. The mosque has 17 ships, its walls are decorated with mosaics of blue glass. Or its minaret Minaret (known as malvija, which means “snail shell”) is a large spiral shape, or a cup-high tower 52 and 33 meters wide, with an external spiral ascending ramp. At the top is a cylindrical room a diameter of 6 meters with eight arched openings.


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