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The Magical Purse

When I still lived in New York City in the U.S. my mom had a friend who always carried a very large purse. I think she had half of her belongings there. Anyway, all of her friends began to refer to her purse as magical because after awhile the things she put in her purse no longer came out. One day she had invited a whole bunch of her friends my mom included to her apartment for some take-out food after they had spent the whole day shopping. They all got to her apartment and she stuck her hand into her purse to rummage for her keys. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find them. So she figured since her door locked automatically when it was shut she had left her keys in the apartment. She asked the super for her second set of keys.

She wound up making up another set of keys for the super for an emergency because she never found her own set of keys. Then she went grocery shopping and she had put a $20 dollar bill in her purse leaving her wallet at home. At the store, she got to the cashier and couldn’t find her money. She was known at the store so she left her groceries went home got more money and returned to pay. She never found the $20. The next thing she put in her purse was a safety pin that she needed for some reason or another and that safety pin also never made it out of the purse. In fact, by now her purse seemed to have become so much heavier and larger.

The magical purse seemed to like the many things that were put into it and it never gave anything back. Finally, one evening when she went out with a close friend when they returned to her apartment in the early hours of the morning she once again couldn’t find her keys. Her friend logically told her to dump her purse out on the hallway floor. Why she had never done this before I don’t know any way she dumped the purse on the floor. At this moment all she had in it was her wallet, hairbrush, and an assortment of different things. The keys weren’t there and what was interesting was that the purse remained heavy and full although nothing was in it. Her friend took the purse and felt around inside of it. The inner lining had split and all the things that were missing had slipped behind the lining. The purse wasn’t magical at all everything was there from the first set of keys to the $20 to the safety pin and a whole lot more she had missed.


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  1. Now, I see why when she put things it they never came out or were never found again. I would call it a bad luck purse and maybe she needs to mark where she puts things or get a smaller purse and not put so much in it.


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