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The largest refugee camp in the world is located in Bangladesh bordering Myanmar

The largest refugee camp in the world is located in Bangladesh bordering Myanmar. It is located about one million people, they are members of the nation Rohinja who fled Mjanmara.Rohinja Muslim ethnic minority in Myanmar. Live mainly Rakhine state in the west. The authorities do not recognize them as citizens, and the Buddhist majority is charged with discriminating against them for decades and exposed to violence. The Government of Myanmar recognizes 135 different ethnic groups living on the territory of this state or nation Rohinja not recognized, they have no rights or citizenship. For decades, Myanmar’s military junta notorious haunt this nation or an escalation occurred in 2017 when the Myanmar army attacked and burned villages Rohinja and killed several thousand people (in the first month, the army killed 6,700 people). Rohinje spas are found escape in Bangladesh,


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  1. You know you don’t really need to a citizen of any nation if all the citizens living in the country that surrounds you would just leave you alone and let you live in peace on the part of the land where you are. A million people is a lot of people?

    People can be self-sufficient. They just need a place to eat and sleep. All most people want is a home. Let them manage on their own. And don’t say they can’t manage. They left everything behind that was their home, crossed into a place they didn’t know, and managed to set up another home for themselves. It’s called a refugee camp to outsiders. But to them, it’s called home.

    If people are not going to help them, they could at least just leave them alone.

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