The Killing of Me – Part 9

I spent the next days doing everything I could to get that little boy. I didn’t notice Kelly was so distant it was if he wasn’t there.

When he tried to talk to me I told him; “I am doing this.”

He didn’t say anything.

Then, I finally got Owen and took him home with me.

Owen had a bad life, issues, so I was not shocked by his strange behaviour and demands. I assumed I could help him. I took leave from work and spent the next day being with Owen.

Kelly watched from a distance. That evening Kelly packed his things. While I was trying to get Owen to eat dinner,  Kelly came to me, handed me the key to the flat. He smiled, wished me well, and left.

I think I said something about him being a coward, but he didn’t answer. He was gone.


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Written by jaylar