The island of Burano in Italy

The island of Burano in Italy may be a small (current population: 4,000), but that did not prevent it to be full of charm, culture – and color. With its houses painted in the colors of the rainbow, this city is one of the most visited and most photographed locations in Italy. Only a 40-minute boat ride from Venice, Burano is an old fishing village with a fishing tradition that dates back to Roman times. The city actually consists of four separate islands, separated by narrow canals and linked many beautiful pedestrian bridges. Burano was founded by the Romans who built the first house here in wool and mud, and later replaced these simple building houses made of brick (the bricks) when it was created the same tradition of painting in vibrant colors of the rainbow. No one certainly can not tell you why all the houses in Burano like both, but according to one account, when the fishermen returning from sea long ago were unable to recognize their homes through the fog, and were then started and painted different colors. For centuries, every family in Burano has its ‘protective color’ home. If someone wants to paint their home, he must send a request to the government that will answer him which colors should be used. In addition to the colorful houses, the island is also known for lace. The women of the island are experts in working with lace since the 1400s and became known as Leonardo da Vinci of them bought the cloth that was used on the altar located in the Duomo di Milano.


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