The Importance of Building Your Brand’s Identity

Reaching People On A Subconscious Level

When it comes to successfully building your brand, you want to use every resource available to you—Instagram, for example; as well as other social media solutions. You don’t want to spam the world with your new business, but you do want to make an impact.

Many don’t put the proper emphasis on brand. They are emphasizing it incidentally, but they aren’t doing it directly. For example, providing a good product for the money spent is a means of strengthening brand—but it’s not something Farmer John is likely thinking of when he drops off his crop at intervals.

However, if he did, he may be able to gain a substantial advantage over Farmer Bill, who is likewise uninformed. A brand acts in a subconscious psychological way. Have you ever heard of archetypes? Your brand is an archetype of your business. This is one reason it’s additionally important that the qualities representative of your brand additionally reflect the core aims of your business.

If you’re unfamiliar with archetypes, think of them as a “sketch”. So, for example, if you’re going to draw a sketch of a cube, it’s in two dimensions even though it may appear to have depth. It is representative of the cube. The two-dimensional cube on paper is an archetype of a three-dimensional cube you may hold in your hand. A square is then an archetype of the two-dimensional cube.

Looking Closer At Archetypes

With branding, your logo, your slogan, and the “image” you stand for should all archetypally represent that which you stand for, and which your constituent clientele stand for. Nike’s a brand that “Just does it”, if you will; and so do their clients. So checking another thing off the athletic list is archetypal to their whole mission as a shoe—and now clothing—company.

This is one of many examples which specify successful branding endeavors. But you can’t just design a slogan and a logo, then expect that your brand will magically take off into the stratosphere. What you need to do is get your name out there in an attractive and effective way, like getting table covers and personalized promotional items. Besides that, content production and dissemination is also a great way to do that.

Content Considerations

If you’re writing fifty 500-word content articles a month, that’s 300,000 words a year. If you do that for five years, you’ve got 1.5 million words of content floating around the web, and will find yourself very well-ranked among SERPs—that is: Search Engine Results Pages.

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Finding The Right Publisher

The right publishing platform will help get your content in front of people so that relevant statistics help to inform your forward progression as a business. You want guest blog posts, links to your website and relevant blogs, targeted writings, and those which indirectly advertise your services.

A comprehensive content campaign informs consumers pertaining to your brand. The more comprehensive, the better. But it must be useful as well. Whatever content campaign you orchestrate, it’s got to be full of information which your clientele are interested in reading and sharing. This will get your brand out there naturally.

Provided you can get proper exposure, and you design that which gets you exposure in a way that simultaneously reflects the core qualities of your brand, you’ll see your brand growing in strength. As a result, you’ll likely see increased profitability as well.


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Written by Virily Editor