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The highest carousel in the world … China 🇨🇳

The highest carousel in the world … China  

London Eye (London Eye) is a high 443, and this carousel, merry go round that is in China 455. But London is in the high 443 feet (135 meters), while the Bubble Tram tower Canton Tower in Guangzhou (Guangzhou, or Canton) 455 meters high and is the highest horizontal carousel, that is the highest horizontal carousel in the world. It consists of 16 round glazed cabin that rotates slowly on rails around the tower, visitors have a great view of the city. Those who have tried it firsthand recommend driving at dusk, when the city is transformed into a spectacular landscape illuminated by LED lights. Canton Tower was built in 2010, a year later, Bubble Tram. Canton Tower, with its 600-meter height of the tallest building in China and the fourth highest in the world.


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