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The flood gates are open

I was waiting for the approval of my first post which I notice now it has been approved.  Sky is the limit now for me to talk on subjects that are close to my heart and they are varied. 

Where do I begin? Do I do a eenie meenie miney mo or just put my finger on any photo in my digital photo folder and start talking about it? I think I should do the latter.  

At this moment all what I want to say is I  am happy to be here.  I already see so many I know .  I will follow them and read their posts. 

Life is good.  And the sun is shining


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  1. Yes, quite a few people on this site and another social site used to write (including me) for sites that have tanked. So we have blogs and write on Virily and “the other” site. Glad to see you here.


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