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The Dronality, its coming…

There are some topics that I have posted on over the past three years. At that time, I can honestly say I have seen and experienced some interesting trends. The one that I am most excited about right now is the appearance of the first modular drone. The Aguadrone is now available for pre-order.

Modular Drones are an interesting market trend. Being able to plug in various components such as sonar, laser measurement, camera, and radar with your drone is important.

First, there is the concept of a modular drone. A modular drone is one that has modules that can be changed or replaced. This, in the case of the Aguadrone, represents sonar, video, and a delivery system for your fishing line. This unit has a waterproof video camera, so not only can you land the drone on the water, but you can also use the camera underwater.

If you want to drop your fishing line where you see fish on the sonar, swap to the fishing module. If you want to see if there are fish under the water you are looking at, switch the module. Effectively you have a system that allows you to use different capabilities within and around your drone.

The future of modular drones is broader than what this particular one offers. It is one that I am interested in more because of the reality of fishing, and the fact that it is one of my hobbies. The ability to land on water, take video underwater, and to find fish is intriguing. Beyond this initial release, there are many more modular drones coming. There was a recent crowdfunding project around building a drone with an integrated metal detector. I can’t wait to hit the beach and have treasure hunting drones flying around me. I think, to annoy the people flying treasure hunting drones, I am going to pack a sock full of coins in my bag.

Summer 2018 Beach Rules

1. No metal Detecting Drones

2. No selfie Drones

3. You know what, NO DRONES!

Remotely operated vehicles also continue to improve, and the market for these is growing. Eventually, as we move down the path, there will be more and more modular ROV’s, underwater, in the air and on the ground. The question is always how quickly will this new market appear, expand, and become commonplace.

For homeowners, the realities of modular drones are “leg” well wait for it “entry.” First off, after a storm checks your roof, don’t climb on it, fly over it! Need to clean the gutters of your house and don’t want to stand on a ladder? Your modular drone will allow you to drop a device into the gutter to clean it.

They call the merging of humans and computers the singularity. I wonder what the merging of humans and drones will be called? The on-roofilarity? Or perhaps the vascularity? Either name would work, I also think we will see more integration with drones long before we see humans merge with computers. (I think it will be the Dronalarity.)

Now the concept of delivery drones becomes interesting. I am a huge advocate for making this a sporting event. You order a drone delivered dinner; you have to catch it as the drone will neverland. Can you imagine or see an image of that cute little package floating down to earth via a parachute? These dinners will be launched from the drone. Good luck because, like the old blues brothers song, if you miss it, you go hungry!

I have to go now, I need to get nickels and pennies at the bank to fill socks, so I can drive treasure hunting drones crazy on the beach this summer!


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  1. Drones are cute little creatures but I personally think they should be put to better use than delivering food and robbing the delivery person’s job. I do not know but are there drones for search and rescue? drones for spying for example after a child’s abduction etc. Just a stupid question from little old me….

    • They are used for many search and rescue missions. They are limited by the same issues humans have (bad weather). The issue of delivery people losing jobs assumes that there isn’t a human operating the drone. There would be a human operating it…

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