The Carousel Horse

 In the photo, you see a ceramic carousel horse on a wooden pedestal. As a child, I fell in love with carousels and if we went anywhere and there was a carousel I just had to ride. My love of carousels didn’t end even when I became a teenager and it passed on to my mom as well. She enjoyed seeing lovely, carved, and colorful carousel horses and always stood by while I had my ride. There were times I could persuade her to take a ride sitting in one of those large booths on the carousels.

My mom loved the theme song from the movie “Dr. Zhivago” “Somewhere My Love” which can be heard instrumental and with lyrics. One day I was browsing through some shops when I came across this horse. Well, my mom did enjoy items just to put on shelves for display but there were enough around the house already. So I was trying to decide if I should purchase this for her or not.

 I then noticed that it was not just a simple horse the pedestal was musical. I guess it was just the right time to purchase this because now I had a carousel horse my mother would love and the music was the theme song she loved. The carousel horse has stood upon my shelf silent for a long time now so I guess I will wind it. My mom used to wind it whenever she dusted the shelves.


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