The Brick Wall

So this morning he is thinking fairly clearly. He asked me how my little teamwork project worked and I said it didn’t seem to work at all. Not one person got back to me and let me know if all that tweeting we did for the people you drew got back to me.

He said you and your sister are too much alike. You do and do and do. You never get any feedback and it eats away at your soul. If you are not careful, you will end up just like her. You are banging your head on the same brick wall.

He is correct, we have some qualities in common.  And today I am going to have him draw tickets and we are going to try again. This time I am not going to publish any of the names. I am ever so hopeful that some people will read this and if they notice a jump in views or comments they will stop back by and leave a comment asking if they were one of the ones that we featured.

He is reminding me that I am thinking with my heart instead of my head. I am certain he is correct. I hope he is wrong about no one else even noticing. 

Here goes nothing 


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter

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