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The Bibliotheque Nationale de France

The Bibliotheque Nationale de France is a massive library located in Paris, France. It has one of the largest and most diverse collections of printed material in the world. It is also known as the Francois-Mitterrand Library,

The origins of this incredible library go all the way back to 1368 when it was founded by Charles V. It remained as the largest library in the world until the late 1800s.

When the library required more space a new library was designed by Dominique Perrault and built along the Seine River in 1995. The building consists of four 22-story, L-shaped skyscrapers that are grouped around an open square.

Today the library has more than ten million titles and has books on arts, law, economics, languages and literature, science and technology, humanities, philosophy and a whole lot more.

There is also an impressive collection from antiquity including more than 5,000 Greek manuscripts and an extensive collection of antique coins among them Roman, Greek and French. The library also has a large collection of maps, drawings, paintings, sheet music, phonograph records, medals, and antiques.

Visitors to the library enjoy seeing the Louis XIV globes on display.

The Biblioteque National de France has the honor of acquiring a copy of every publication that is printed in France and published the Bibliographie de la France.


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