The Baphomet Symbolism

I remember these satanic symbolism being promoted in society and in school since the 70s when I was a kid. Many kids in my class would do the OK sign. I didn’t think anything of it, but I thought it just looks stupid because they would have weird expression on their face. I don’t think they new what they were actually doing because they acted like they thought they were cool.

  1. The OK hand gesture is actually 666.
  2. Baphomet or horned goat-head
  3. horns symbolizes Lucifer as well as “I Love You” hand gesture and “BS” hand gesture
  4. goat or upside down pentagram has goat’s head or G.O. A. T. = Greatest Of All Time
  5. Hermaphrodite or androgyny: Satan is androgynous, which is why the Zionist media is pushing this androgynous, trannie and homo agenda.
  6. As Above, So Below
  7. All the Progressive commercials are annoying, retarded and gay.
  8. One-Eye symbolism
  9. The Message bible


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