The ABC's of Living Green (book review)

‘The ABC’s of Living Green’ was written by Theresa A. McKeown and illustrated by Arisbet Sandoval Cantu in 2018 and published by The ABC’s of Living Green, LLC with an email   Beautiful and inspirational is what ‘The ABC’s of Living Green’ by Theresa A. McKeown has done for the environment.  This is a poetry book written for children, but actually could be for all ages.  Theresa has written a collection of poetry that will make the reader want to learn more about conservation and wanting to do more about improving the natural environment we all live.

Arisbet has drawn the pictures that point to the central idea of each poem written by Theresa.  Through this book the reader will learn what it means to be human, as on the dedication page the writer/poet stresses.  There were a lot of poems in this book that I really liked like the ones listed:  ‘Focus’; ‘Heal’; ‘Knowledge’; ‘Meditate’; ‘Respect’; ‘Transform’; and ‘Visualize’.  Other poems that after I re-read a few were ‘Lead’ and ‘Journey’ for that is what one is suppose to do to help educate others about ecology and nature.  All the illustrations use primary colors and with their various hues and contrasts to bring understanding to the reader for when I read the final poem ‘Zen’ for we are a whole with nature.  These poems are about making connections and how we can work together for all to live green and continue learning.  A fun and creative way to learn what make conservation is all about to all of us.


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