The 6 biggest benefits of swimming

Swimming has been called the perfect exercise by several professionals. The thing about swimming is that it is ideal for all ages. No matter how old you are or what your height or weight is, you can all practice swimming daily. This cardiovascular exercise comes with several benefits that most of us don’t even know about.

When we talk about the benefits of swimming, most of us think about the physical benefits, but that is not all. Swimming also offers a number of mental, emotional, and health-related benefits. You can either swim with your pool floats, or you can swim as a regular swimmer. It is all about enjoying the sport and getting the most benefits out of it.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the six biggest benefits of swimming. So keep reading to learn about the physical and healthy benefits of swimming.

1. Swimming improves muscle strength

Most exercises only focus on a set of muscles, but swimming is the only exercise that utilizes all your main muscles and improves their strength. When you swim your leg muscles, and your arm muscles are constantly in motion thus, they get a proper workout, but at the same time, your core muscles are also getting toned since you have to keep your body balanced and straight throughout your session.

2. Swimming builds up bone mass

In the previous times, it was considered that only weight lifting exercises were responsible for building bone mass, but recent studies regarding swimming when tested on rats have shown that rats that practice swimming regularly gained Bone Mineral Density which in simple terms is called bone mass. It has also shown that due to this, swimming has been an affected treatment for osteoporosis.

3. Swimming helps you stay flexible

Swimming acts as a stretching exercise. Just like stretching exercises, keep your body flexible, swimming does the same thing. Since you stretch, kick, pull, and twist your body throughout a swimming session; thus, you utilize almost all your muscles that are repeatedly stretched by your motions.

4. Swimming reduces inflammation

According to certain researches carried out by the health experts, aerobic exercises such as swimming help reduce the inflammation in the body which can help reduce the risk of several diseases but most commonly it is known to prevent atherosclerosis.

5. Swimming holds its own for calories burned

Everyone knows that you can easily burn several calories with swimming, but if you shift to colder swims then you most probably burn more calories than running as well. The best part is that you don’t even feel much effort while swimming.

6. Swimming can improve exercise-induced asthma

Studies have shown the swimming helps fight exercise-induced asthma, which is something most of us suffer from. As compared to land exercises you breathe moist air during swimming, which is less heavy and easier to inhale and exhale. Plus it also improves the overall condition of your lungs.


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