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The 360 Photos Challenge – #26 A love that is so beautiful

Our love story started a long time ago when we were just grade schoolers. Actually, it was him who used to tap my shoulder just to call my attention. At early age developed his love for me. He used to fight with others just to call my attention. But I didn’t care.

Moving forward, when we were in college, he started courting me. But because we were still studying, I turned him down although I already feel the same way too. 

After 27 years we meet again, this time both of us have a failed marriage and both of us were cheated by our partners. 

What is good to our failed relationship is that both of us realize that we still love each other. Through communication, we learned that we love each other and we can both be happy with each other. I feel so lucky because he accepted my children and he treat them like his own children.

Right now we are planning on our future together. The two of us will journey to our forever.


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